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Why I am Against National Socialism by Wyatt Kaldenberg

Why I am Against National Socialism by Wyatt Kaldenberg.

‘We call for a decisive, unconditional, integral return to the Nordic pagan tradition. We are finished with every compromise, with every weakness, and with every indulgence toward everything that, derived from its Semitic-Christian root, has infected our blood and our intelligence. Without the return to such a tradition there is no liberation, there is no true restoration, and the conversion to the true values of spirit, power, hierarchy, and Empire is not possible. This is a truth which brooks no doubt.”

From the book, Pagan Imperialism, by Julius Evola.
The chapter entitled: We Pagan Imperialists

Once upon a time, before he modified his ideas and became a Radical Traditionalist, Julius Evola was an Italian Fascist, who wrote some very interesting books. However, Fascism is a screwed political philosophy that is in as much direct conflict with the religious worldview of Odinism as is Marxism, Capitalism, Satanism, Atheism, Buddhism, Mithraism, Judaism, Islam, Wicca, Asatru, or Christianity.

Odinism is a separate religious, political, philosophical, cultural, and social view point. Odinism is a stand alone worldview. Odinism is a worldview of its own. To be a true Odinists, you can NOT be a Nazi, a Fascist, an anarchist, a Marxist, a liberal, a conservative, a socialist, a libertarian, an atheist, a Jew, a Christian, a Wiccan, an Asatruar, nor anything else, but an Odinist. However, it is natural for Odinists to study the works of non-Odinists. This is fine as long as we don’t mistake the works of non-Odinists as Odinism. Julius Evola is a non-Odinist writer who works are read by many in the Odinist community; there is no harm in reading the writings of outlanders as long as they are not mistaken for the writings of the Folk. The same thing can be said about the works of Communists, and other Leftists. Fascists, National Socialists, Communists, liberals, and so on are not part of our Folk; they are outlanders…foreigners. The thoughts of outlandish people should not be mistaken as Folkish. They are not of our people. They seek to covert our people and take them away from Odinism.

We are Odinists: Heathens of the Greater Northern Folk. We are not Pagans like the Greeks and Romans, who practiced homosexual pedophilia, bestiality, adultery, whoredom, and other forms of body infamy. Odinism is not interchangeable with other religious nor political worldviews. Odinism is not even interchangeable with the words Asatru, Wotanism, Vantru, nor Theodism. Odinism is Odinism. Period!

Many of us know Nazi pagans, new age Asatru-Folk, and Wiccans.
These people seem to have much in common with Odinism. Some are very nice people, however, they are all outlanders. We have to be careful that their ideas do not become mistaken for Odinism.

The self-hate of White liberalism and the rage of Aryan racism are two sides of the same coin, and this is not a coin of our realm. There is no place in Odinism for neither White self-hate nor Aryan racism. Everybody should be proud of their own ancestry and not waste their lives hating people of other races or other religions. Racial and religious hate is a cancer that eradicates those infected. Being proud of being White is good. People who don’t love themselves have problems loving others. Being ashamed of being White causes White people to hate themselves and Whites who hate themselves tend to hate non-Whites. White guilt creates White racism just as German war guilt, after World War I, created hyper-German nationalism, the Nazi Party, and Hitler, as well as today, German guilt over the holocaust has created the rise in Neo-Nazism. White liberalism and White guilt are the fathers of modern-day White racism. Odinism must be a middle ground between the two extremes of White self-hate and White racism. Self-hate and racism are outlandish. You ever notice how most White racists waste so much time hating others that they can’t create a loving White family to continue the existence of the White race?

The Neo-Nazi Wotanist, David Lane coined the Fourteen Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.", which is the motto of most White nationalists and racists. I have nothing against the 14 Words. I am just saying that most people who live by the motto are people who never created a White family. So, what good is the motto?

As the 24 Points of the Heathen Folk Revival states, Odinism puts Odin, as King, and Frigga, as Queen, above everything. Racism puts race above everything. Egalitarianism puts equality above everything. Odinism comes in direct conflict with both racism and egalitarianism. The myth of White supremacy and the myth of human equality are both incompatible with Odinism. No race is better than the other just as no two humans are equal. Liberals who preach that a genius, who helps advance society, is no better than a retard, who can’t feed himself, are just as crazy as a Klansman, preaching White supremacy, or a Black Muslim, preaching Black supremacy.

That said. The problem I have with Julius Evola and most of the Fascist and National Socialist thinkers of the day is that they are very good at spitting out many truisms: “Nordic pagan tradition.” I agree., “Without the return to such a tradition there is no liberation, there is no true restoration,….” I could not agree more., “the conversion to the true values of spirit,” I agree. “power,” I agree, “hierarchy,” Yes, if the hierarchy is tribal and based on the natural family unit, “and Empire is not possible.” Hold your horses! Empire???? What is natural and Folkish about Empire? In Germanic Heathen times, all Empires whether Pagan or Christian were the product of foreign invasion and oppression. So, since the Germanic Heathens never had an empire, what the hell does empire have to do with returning to the “Nordic pagan tradition.”? An empire in the Nordic tradition would be extremely un-traditional. Also, a Heathen and a Pagan are two very different things just as a Jew and a Muslim are very different, although they may look similar to an outsider.

This is why I dislike both Fascism and National Socialism. They steal good issues from Folkish or populist movements like “defense of the family” or “a return to organic farming“, then they screw it up by placing a socialist dictatorship on top of everything. Fascism and National Socialism wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t lead to an evil super-state that murders people. But, then, what would Fascism and Nazism be without the socialist super-state?

I was recently asked: Why are you always rallying against ( here “rallying against” is American slang that means ridiculing or mocking) the National Socialists? It's a non-issue. Rally against the leftist scum that would destroy our folk.”

To start., I do have good things to say about National Socialism: Hitler is dead. May the Conquering Worms devour his soul and shit it out into the icy abyss of Hel.

And secondly, I do “rally against the leftist scum that would destroy our folk.” I have nothing good to say about the Marxists. Wait, that’s not true; I have one good thing to say about the Reds: Pol Pot is dead. So is Mao, Che, Stalin, Marx, and many others.

The graveyard is full of good Marxists.

Sadly, not every Marxist is in the graveyard. Many Reds are working within the American government and the mass media.

The International Left has murdered over 100 million people. Most likely, they have murdered way over 100 million. The plot to cover up of the Left’s crimes against humanity is the greatest conspiracy in human history. All other conspiracies pale next to the cover up of the over 100 million people murdered by the Left. Why is this conspiracy so successful? It profits the people in power. Communists are progressives. Most of the liberals and Marxists who run the news media, public schools, the Justice Department, and so on are progressives. If they allowed the truth to get out that more murders were committed in the name of the progressive movement than any other movement in history, then this fact would lead to the masses asking hard questions about the long term goals of the progressive movement, and the people in power can’t allow that.

So you see, I have very little good to say about the “Leftist scum that would destroy our folk.”

But your question is why do I “rallying against the National Socialists?” Since, as you point out, National Socialism is a non-issue. National Socialism is a dead movement with less than 10,000 followers world-wide. National Socialism is never going to regain power. It’s history. On the other hand, Marxism is a world-wide movement with over one billion followers. Marxism is a real danger to world freedom. There are next to no Nazis on the planet earth, while the world is up to its arm pits in Reds. The common sense thing to do would be to fight the Reds. True. Very true. Albeit so, National Socialists are extremely rare in the world, within the microcosm of the Germanic Folk movement, their numbers are bothersome: hence, their importance. This is why I “rally against” the National Socialists.

Fundamentally, National Socialism is a socialist movement. Socialism is so un-natural to man’s nature that every socialist state from the Right wing socialists of Hitler’s Germany to the radical Left wing socialists of Pol Pot’s Cambodia had to committed genocide and/or democide in order to stay in power. I was a socialist for over 30 years. I know for a fact socialism leads to mass murder. You can ignore the killings, you can belittle them, you can debate them, you can deny them, you can justify them, and you can apology for them, but no matter what you and your socialist comrades do, the mass murders still happened.

National Socialists are just as dangerous as the university student who is too stupid to know he or she is just a brainwashed puppet of his or her Marxist professors. The Marxists are more dangerous than the Nazis, because the Marxists outnumber the Nazis by tremendous numbers. If every University in the world was dominated by Nazis instead of by Leftists, no one would have ever heard of the crimes of Nazism. The Left has the power to cover up their mass killings, while the Nazis are powerless to cover their deeds, albeit, the Holocaust Revisionists try. This makes Marxists far more dangerous than Nazis. A serial killer who got arrested and jailed for murder is far less dangerous than one who walks freely among us as the Leftists do.

My point is that both National Socialism and International Socialism are murderous cults, both have zombie cult followers lying to defend them. It's just that Marxism has more cult followers than Nazism, and the Reds have more people who are willing to become apologists for the evil done in the name of social progress than the Nazis have who are willing to become apologists for the evil done in the name of racism.

Socialism is statism. Under socialism, the government has its fingers in everything. The government doesn't belong in people's private lives. Odinism teaches individuals matter more than the state, and families matter more than individuals. Odinism is a family-centered community, while socialism is a state-centered government. The two will always be in conflict. Capitalism is a money-centered philosophy, while Odinism is a family-centered community. The two will always be in conflict. Odinists know that the family is the greatest form of wealth and the only form of government you can trust. Your family is the center of the multi-verse, and your personal doorway to the Gods. Your ancestors are the bridge, which connects you to the Gods. It is faster and easier to speak with the Gods through your ancestors, than it is to speak to the Gods directly. The state sees the family as a danger and attacks. This is why Communism, Nazism, and even this consumer capitalism, we have in America, does everything it can to weaken the family. Communism, Nazism, Capitalism, etc. are not the opposite of each other, the family is the opposite of the state.

National Socialism and International Socialism are just mirror images of each other. The Nazis use the Jews for scapegoats, while the Marxists use White males for scapegoats. What's the difference? Besides the details and the ancestry of the people being hated?

Marxists scapegoating White people, especially White males, and claiming Whites are the cause of most of the world's ills is just as immoral as National Socialists scapegoating Jews and claiming Jews are the cause of most of the world's ills. Scapegoating people whether they are White, Black, Jewish or purple can only lead to injustice, suffering, and murder. The Left scapegoats the White man today, and White males will be the Jews of the coming New World Order.

The main reason I am anti-Fascist and anti-National Socialist is because these movements mislead people. They promote some truisms. They promote some issues that need to be promoted, but just like the Leftists, they use important issues to hide the evil of their long term goals. Socialism is the cult of the state. Anything that gets in the way of the socialist state is seen as blasphemy.

Socialism is the worship of the state. It’s impossible to be a socialism and not worship the state. Nazis, Fascists, liberals, neo-conservatives, Marxists, and so on are all state worshipers who believe the state will save mankind. It will not! Odinists know that creating a strong, Odinic family will do more to advance our interests and protect our people than any state could ever do. The family is the only hope for the future. The family will bring us closer to the Gods. The family is the greatest temple of Odin you can ever build. Odin is the God of Fatherhood and Frigga is the Goddess of Motherhood. They created holy marriage in order to give the Folk a fortress of love and security. Marriage is of the Aesir. Marriage was unknown to the Vanir, who practiced incest and other forms of body infamy. Njord had an incestuous relation with his twin sister Nertha (Nerthus, being a Latin male name, is most likely a misspelling), who gave birth to the twins Frey and Freya, who, also, had an incestuous relation , until the War Between the Gods crushed the Vanir and put the Aesir in power. Njord, Frey, and Freya were taken as Thralls into Asgard, and these three are the only Vanir welcome among the Aesir. This war outlawed the sins of the Vanir and made Odinic morality the law of our people. The Odinic family is the true path to the Aesir.

The War Between the Gods made the family the center of the Odinic government.

Socialism puts the state above the family. Odin and Frigga are the God and Goddess of the family, therefore, socialism puts the state about our Highest God and Goddess. This is blasphemy. Hence, Marxism, Fascism, National Socialism, Liberalism, neo-conservatism, and all other socialist philosophies that place the state above the Alfather and Almother are blasphemous philosophies and by nature in conflict with Odinism.

I am against National Socialism, because it conflicts with Odinism.


  1. 「仁慈」二個字,就能讓冬天三個月都溫暖。..................................................

  2. Hate and love were both reflected in the Eddas, and the enslavement of and atrocities against foreigners by the ancient Norse and Germanic people was part of their worldview and was reflected in their religions. Such actions were not mandated, but neither were they condemned. You don't have to feel that way to be an Odinist, but many of our ancestors who worshipped Odin and Thor did feel and act that way. There is no way around that. On the other hand, the self-hating or sycophantic attitude of many White people today seems to fall into the category of weakness by any variation the old Norse religion. So while it might be distasteful that some self describe Odinists are filled with rabid hatred toward other groups of people, it does not appear to be against the ancient forms of the Norse religion. By the same token, lack of such feelings also seems acceptable. The old religions are strict in other ways, but their moral compass can be very different from modern morality.